Donations are low. Some of the issues are directly associated with no funds = no bills paid = services goes down. We're heading towards going ratio and i'm sure you're not happy with that solution. Please help with what you can, waiting for a lesser rainy day means it can be too late. You can find more information on the donations page.

Fixed: Due to some changes to get the site online the automatic part of donations does not work for the moment. Please send BadWolf a PM with your PayPal email and amount donated and what you wish for as a "thank you" for the donation (found here). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks to the users contributing with uploads when bots are down. Feel free to help out yourself with uploads. We're working to get the bots back online and a big help with that is to re-read the above. Also, we were never DDoS'd. As some may remember our downtime occured before these latest attacks on the torrent community.