1. TV Favorites: Some features have been disabled at the moment while the developers continue working on improving BTN's resistance to the attacks.

2. Autofill: It's still possible to upload if you:

2.1) Choose Yes or No for Release Name. Do not choose Manual - there's a known issue where the Upload button isn't displayed.
2.2) Leave the Episode Number/Title:, Series Name, and/or Release Name fields blank. Press Get Info.
2.3) Fill in the fields by hand. If you're having trouble filling out the fields check http://thetvdb.com/ or previously uploaded episodes.

3. Email system: Please refrain from sending invites at this point, staff needs to manually confirm every single one of those, and that puts all of us under extra pressure when DDoS is still ongoing.

Please avoid joining #btn-support only to ask about status of things, you can expect that all "funny" behavior is being caused by DDoS. Checking status creates unnecessary stress to already heavily occupied support services team.

If site goes down for more than 5 minutes, you can assume that staff is aware of it. If you're getting maintenance page, please wait a minute and refresh the page.