UPDATE 05 (01-08-2014 @ 21:00): We've temporarily disabled torrent inactivity deletions and put the ratio watch script on hold, to minimize the ill effects of the extended tracker downtime.

UPDATE 06 (01-09-2014 @ 10:50): Inactivity deletions are temporarily turned off, and there may be issues with the invite script. The tracker may be hit or miss, but should be up for most users.

UPDATE 07 (01-09-2014 @ 23:30): IRC is UP at irc.what-network.net. The tracker is UP on the alternate IP address - by adding the IP to your hosts file as described here you can get your torrents working immediately. Otherwise, you can wait until the tracker is available through the normal domain - hopefully it won't be long.

UPDATE 08 (01-10-2014 @ 02:20): The tracker is DOWN on both the normal and alternate IPs.

UPDATE 09 (01-10-2014 @ 07:00): IRC is now DOWN on both domains.

Thanks for sticking with us!