With the recent request to all members to change your password, it became evident due to the number who asked "Where do I change my password?", that a little educational note from us might be warranted.

There are 2 places you should know where to access:

1. Profile - Here is where you set many parameters of your chossing, including your password, adding your avatar, blocking xxx avatars of others, your default settings for which categories you wish to load automatically. Just click on the word 'profile' in the middle of the main screen to access it.

2. Details page - Here you can see which torrents you're seeding/leeching. How your ratio is looking, both upload and download amounts are shown, you flush torrents here, [when your details page shows a torrent seeding that you have actually closed], you can see the peers[number of seeders vs leechers] in a torrent you're running [valuable info to see why your torrent might not be seeding as well as you hoped]. You go to your details page, by clicking on your name in the top left of the main screen, right next to the 'Hello'.

Any questions on this can be addressed in the related forum thread.