We've got a few bugs around site that we've come across and we are looking into them, but we are sure we haven't found them all, so we need your help.

If you see a bug, post it in the related thread.

• New Message Bug
• Required Seed System - Seed Time Left is Beyond 72 Hours.
• Required Seed System - Required Seeds Show More Than What is Actually Required.
• Seeding Issues - Some Users are Having Trouble with Seeds Not Showing.
• Stray HnRs - You May See Some HnRs Appear in Your List
• General HnRs - These are From Before, They Will Be Cleared Once We are Bug Free Required Seeding and Tracker Wise.
• Seeded Torrents Don't Earn Bonus Points

Again, if there is anything else you are seeing, let us know. The Staff PMs are nice for 1 person reporting, but if we want to hear if everyone is having the same issue, a good forum discussion will help us a lot more, thanks.