As of yesterday Memati has added a new function for members who want to make torrent requests. So if you want to make any requests for torrents you can now click on the Request tab on the left side of the site under the General Menu. It works very easy, but even with this new modification you MUST be specific and fill out all fields. So to make a new request all you do is click on "Add New Requests". Then add the title name of the torrent. Select a category. Then in the description box below add as much info as you can. You should always add a imdb link in the description so the requester can go and have a look as to what this movie is. Once your request has been filled by an uploader, you will receive a pm from the system telling you your request has been filled. You can also click on "View my requests" to see what you have requested. In order for member to be able to use the new request section for torrents you must be a member for atleast 2 weeks and have an upload total of 20GB or more. The request area in the Forums will be deleted shortly.

Just a reminder to all members that our server bills are due in 2 weeks and we could use your help. So if you like what we have to offer PLEASE contribute to the running costs of BitLeechers and make a generous donation. We are constantly updating the system bringing you the best site we can possibly give you.