We have made some massive changes to the way the H&R system works and we have always made these changes for you.

Over the course of the system we have made many changes and additions to the system to make it fair and usable by all. The system was new and we had to assess the system live and as it was evolving. We could have taken a system already built, but We are IPT, we had to build a system around our users, not give you one and say that's it.

The next step is here.

Torrent Considered Fully seeded after 400 Hours, no matter ratio or upload on Torrent:

We have always understood that a torrent cannot be seeded for life or till it hits 1:1. We know the variants that can vastly effect this, We understand that there has to be a set point where one would agree that a torrent has been seeded enough. It has taken time to get where we understood that this is what we needed on IPT.

The H&R system will now Report a torrent as fully seeded after a set amount of time. The torrents if you like have a *Complete Time". After 400 hours of seeding (17 FULL Day's) the system will reset the torrent and if you remove it AFTER this time it will not show as a H&R.

The system will run on Time, not Announces, so you need to Seed fully for the 400 Hours for the torrent to be seeded completely.

We will be providing a full Support facility for you, you will have your own separate page for the tracking and collating of your current seeding torrents. Timers and Counters will be added for each torrent. You will be able to see each individual torrent and its "Seeding time required and Seeding time complete".

Each torrents timer will run and stop as you do, it will not reset or remove from the page even if you remove it, It's cumulative, so it doesn't have to be a single session, the timer will not reset and you will not loose the time you have seeded on any torrent, you will always see what the torrent needs until it is seeded. once it is seeded it will disappear and then you can remove it from your client.

Only if you want too, remember seeding is for life, H&R is a site system. We do not EVER encourage you to remove a torrent from your client because a system has told you it is enough. it is only enough for the H&R system. Seeding is what you want it to be after this point.

Timers for seeding have been provided. We have given you the amount of time you have seeded and the last time you updated that torrent, now you can see how close you are to finishing and how close you are to getting a warning for that torrent, i.e: 5 days since "last update" and a warning will pop up for that torrent.

"Seeding Time" Consecutive accumulative counter, remove or reseed and thee counter will keep your real time seeded count, you will not loose it if you remove.

If you are not seeding any of the torrents in this list, a link will be provided to you to download and start seeding, the counter runs on the data you have downloaded, not on complete torrents, download 1MB, and the counter will only request 1MB back.

We have created this for you, based on your needs as a community, for discussion and feedback please follow the link and share your thoughts. As always, if you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to ask.