I know once you read them (if you even have to begin with) you will never read them again, putting them here so there is no excuse.

Upload any torrent, anywhere you like, once the uploader shares it, its not the uploaders any more, and it was never ours (the sites) ever, after all sharing is caring.

Asking for or trading of invites is not allowed anywhere on the site. We do have specific tracker forums, where staff of the trackers in there can give you an account.

Do not bad mouth other trackers, Do not say another tracker has the same torrent and its going faster, has more seeds etc. You can talk about other trackers, but if they do not want their full name mentioned, please refrain from mentioning it.

You can double post, if it is withinn 3 days of your original post, the Forum will automerge it with your previous post, this does bump the topic to the top of the specific forum, but make sure you post something pertinant to your OP, just writing Bump will get you warned.

Games like Rapelay/Virtua Girl (explicit porn) are not allowed on Blackcats Games, Other games can be uploaded but if you are not sure if it will be allowed, please ask a member of staff before you upload it.

Referrals are given out to all classes (they may come with specific requirements), but you have to be at least a User to use them. Want referral codes? Get promoted to a higher class, simple!

Use your referrals when you have them since we don`t allow you to stack them. At the discretion of staff we remove every ones referral codes and then maybe issue new ones.