For a limited time, we're offering our newly reworked Platinum Club memberships for only half price. The entire program has been reworked from the ground up.

We're bringing this offer to our community to say thank you for sticking with us the last couple weeks while the site was forced to make some really big changes. We apologize again for any glitches that you may have experienced over this time and we're proud to announce that these issues are fully behind us and we'll be continuing to update the site for you great members.

Whether you're an experienced member wanting to check out the new changes, or a brand new member to the Platinum scene, you can't go wrong with one of these exquisite accounts now made available for everyone, which include:

- No Spam
- Unlimited Invites
- Immune to H&R Rules
- No Ratio to Maintain

Check out complete details on what it means to be PC-VIP by clicking on the donation button!