That's right folks, it's chilly outside and it's getting even more chilly inside the Beathau5! All new chill.out, ambient, downtempo, and trip.hop uploads will receive 2x upload credit and are only half-leech! Remember, this only applies to new uploads, so now's the time get your upload on and find some great new tracks!

Dates: The front page has a countdown timer on the right hand side with the time remaining on the event.

2x upload credit: For all the data you seed, the site will credit you 2x the upload. This means if you seed 1GB of data on a chill.out, ambient, downtempo, or trip.hop torrent, the site will credit your stats 2GB of upload.

Freeleech: All new chill.out, ambient, downtempo, trip.hop uploads will be freeleech.

We are currently in the process of moving the IRC server to a more powerful server. It may take some time for the DNS entries to propagate. You can try your luck with, but if there is no Skrillex, you are on the wrong server. In that case, use the following information to connect:

Port: 6667 (7000 SSL)

We appreciate your patience during this move.