After careful consideration of all the feedback we received, the staff have revised the requirements as follows.

- All uploads requirements reduced. Starting at Pro, requirements are 1/5/10/25/100
- HD-King upload requirement reduced to 4 TB
- HD-Veteran+ have snatches requirement reduced by a factor of 2
- HD-Lover gains perks: access to Top 10, can use a signature in their posts
- HD-Master gains perk: 2 invites per month, total capped to 3
- HD-Maniac and above gains perk: Class restricted forum
- HD-Pro BP Cost: fee is waived if user has uploaded a user release
- HD-Veteran gains perk: can double post
- HD-Veteran seed time increased to 5 years total, 10 days average (previously 3 years total, 7 days average)
- BP costs changed to 20K/100K/250K/500K/1M/5M across classes
- Removed class restriction on Upcoming * Releases forums, Movies and TV Series forum
- User ENCODES, as per Wiki: User Releases, count double towards uploads requirement
- Added HnR maximum of 3

You can find the complete new requirements in the wiki.