You may have noticed that the Knowledge Base got a major facelift last year. The logical next step was to bring the same level of relevancy, quality, and organization to the tutorial section. Unfortunately, the Tutorials subforum had grown into a mess over the years. Much like the old Knowledge Base, some tutorials had broken images, outdated information, poor formatting, or weren't relevant to BTN.

It quickly became apparent that it would take far too long for staff to rewrite every tutorial. Instead, we decided to create a new framework under which users could earn rewards for rewriting existing tutorials or submitting new tutorials. The biggest change from the old system is that under the new framework tutorials must be approved by staff. To that end, we have created two subforums: Submitted Tutorials, which holds unapproved tutorials, and Approved Tutorials, which holds approved tutorials. The Submitted Tutorials subforum contains all the information needed to write a quality tutorial and the Approved Tutorials subforum already contains some example tutorials.

We realize that the old Tutorials subforum has a wealth of useful information, and we want to retain as much of this information as possible. Until March 1st the old Tutorials subforum will be read-only and users will have a chance to rewrite old tutorials and submit them to the new system. After March 1st we will be permanently hiding the old forum. In recognition of their hard work, original authors have until February 14th to rewrite and submit their own tutorials. This means that until February 14th, you cannot submit an old tutorial unless you are the original author. However, you are always welcome to submit tutorial(s) covering new material. If you are the OP and you would like to re-write your tutorial, please PM Readable or Aaronx and they will move the thread for you so you can edit it while keeping all the important discussion contained within.

Before submitting a tutorial, make sure to read the Rules, Tutorial Submission Process, and Tutorial Template. Hopefully your tutorial will end up in the Approved Tutorials forum, earning you the aforementioned Rewards. Remember that the Approved Tutorials forum has its own set of Rules.