We're looking for new FLS - First Line Support

Currently we have 4 FLS and we are looking to expand on our FLS team, we have a user base of around 35k, that is only 1 FLS per 8700 users. Our current FLS do a great job but we need a couple more people to fill in our time zone gaps so that all our users are never left waiting for help when they need it most.

I'm looking for people who fit this description:

• Friendly.
• Patient.
• Spends ample amount of time on the internet.
• Has at least a basic knowledge of BT and its workings (LOTS of on-the-job training so you’ll get to know it more intimately as the days go on).
• Works well with others (this is important to me).
• Has some kind of site activity, either in forums, tutorials or some other kind of social interaction with the site other than seeding/leeching.
• Does NOT currently staff anywhere. BTN does not allow double-staffing for its staff members.

On top of all this I would love to have some candidates who can start each day around 2AM GMT and through to about 11AM GMT. This, however, is NOT a requirement but it would help bunches. Another thing I'd like to note: commitment to the FLS team. You need to be around daily. We require you to check into the site at least once a day unless you’re on holidays of course. You should also plan on being on IRC everyday as well. Its not fair to the other FLS that are able to be here day in and day out helping others.

If you think you'd suit our team and the list of values above, please send FLS_Applications a PM with the subject line of ‘Recruitment’ with a short blurb about you and Ill be in touch. PMs to any other user will be ignored.

Thank you VERY much for your consideration with this position. I guarantee a fun, but above all, great learning experience.