Memati has now updated the Autobot and made some significant changes to it that will help all members when they go to download torrents. The Autobot DB has been cleaned up and you may see old torrents without a Request More Seeders option. However all new torrents with 0 seeders will show the option to request More Seeders. Any torrent with 1-5 seeders will be automatic Requesting More Seeders when you click Download. So, as of now when you click on a torrent to download it will automatically request for more seeders and give you the maximum speeds your internet connection can handle. If any torrent has 6 seeders on it the option to Request More Seeders wont be displayed giving the members seeding the torrents a chance to get more upload credit for seeding them. But, once it drops below 6 seeders soon as you click on Download it will automatically Request More Seeders. Now if by any chance you Request More Seeders that has 0 seeders on the torrent page and get this line Then you will need to do as it says to PM Memati on site and send him the link to the torrent you want to Download. Once Memati recieves your PM he will then reply back to you when the torrent is available to Download. This new system works very fast without any errors as it was already tested. We hope you all like the new Autobot system. As always we try to bring our members the best that we can and provide you with the fastest speeds possible.

The new Lottery has also been added. Before with the old system the system would pick a member at random to be the winner. Now when you go to purchase a Lottery Ticket you will recieve a number. Once you purchase a Lotter Ticket with 250MB upload credit you will recieve your number which will be displayed at the top of the Lottery image showing you the number you have purchased. This month is for all members who have Donated who are in Donor Class. Next month we are looking forward to bringing VIP's only a Lottery drawling to win 1TB of upload credit. We have also been talking about running a Lottery for VIP's to win a Life Time VIP Status which may be run every 6 months or so.

The new poll on the Home Page isn't going over well enough and at this time don't think we will raffle off HDD's or SSD's. Lack of interest from the members is the reason as to why. If we had 300 members bite and atleast 150 would say YES to being interested then maybe we would bring it, but as of now not many active members who really want to take part in this. Sorry!

Donations aren't the best and have dropped quite a bit in the past 2 months. We need members to contribute to help with the running costs of the Sites Servers. We need Donations each month like any other torrent site out there to run properly. These bills are NOT cheap and could use your help. We do have enough members in our DB and active on the site where our Donation progress shouldn't be a problem reaching 100%. But, from the past months since we been online, this is what carries us to the next month to keep Bitleechers running and online. Today is Friday for most members and that means it is "PAYDAY" for about 75% of the members. So please dig deep and make a contribution to support Bitleechers. We would also like to "Thank" all the members who have donated in the past and support Bitleechers!

We are still looking for members who have atleast an hour a day to Moderate the Site and edit torrents and monitor our Forums. If you think you have what it takes or the time to become a Moderator, then fill out a Moderator Application or simply join Live Chat or Live Help and ask for an Admin to assist you in becoming a Moderator. All Staff members can upload and are immune to the HnR System.

Our IRC is growing each day. We have a lot of fun in there and also have DJ's who like to play music for our members. You can make Requests in IRC for something you would like to listen to. The best part is when you idle in IRC you get 2 Bonus points per hour when you idle or chat. So what are you waiting for? Click on Join Live Chat and see for your self.

Please read the Site Rules and FAQ's. We are still seeing members requesting torrents in the Shoutbox. If you do then your Comment & Shoutbox privileges will be terminated.