In distant past, it all started with just 1 torrent, a handful of people and a lot of thoughts of what may come. Many of you have been with Bitsoup for many many years, while others have joined us more recently.

As time went by the world has changed, but Bitsoup still stands where its always stood; one of the elite torrent sites found on the internet. While many other torrent sites have come and gone, Bitsoup has never been gone for more than a day or two for anything. While many sites have been forced to close their doors, Bitsoup for longest time had its doors wide open. Today we are over 9 years old. Wow, to think that we've been around for nearly a decade.

The core groups of Bitsoup that have been here since day one are still here today. To explain this message to everyone I’d like to reflect on a few things we at Bitsoup have learned over the years.

Being the first torrent site to offer a credit for donation system in the early days Bitsoup did really well on the donation front and has always had plenty of donor’s to help keep the site growing. In the big crash of 2008 even Bitsoup took a big hit donation wise. While many people say we make tons of cash running this site it’s farthest from the truth. All the staff on Bitsoup are volunteers. Most of us have day jobs we to pay our own bills just like you, our valued member.

For a site with over 110k members to be supported just by a few donors any given month is very hard and unfair to those that do contribute and things cannot keep going this way much longer. Regardless of issues with being a dinosaur site, ugly as hell, or whatever other thoughts people may have or had of us, we have always been here supplying torrents quickly at release and faster than most sites can.

Regardless as to what people think of torrents we have to run the site as a business. We have to pay for hosting, we have to pay for hardware and many other bills to keep Bitsoup legit money wise. We are not thieves nor con-artists. While we all feel that downloading a movie or game isn’t the same as being a crook and it's free, it doesn't pay the bills or taxes.

Yes that is correct. Every penny that Bitsoup does bring in has to be declared as income. While your donation is great the IRS does not see a site of this nature as a charity. If we did not declare the income made, we would certainly be facing legal issues. Of course PayPal also has to take part of every donation for their own pockets so on a $10 donation maybe 3 bucks goes towards the actual up-keep of the site.

Over the past couple years we've had to offer larger amounts of credit just to boost our donors. While it worked for a while it has come back to bite us, as with so many members having insane ratios there is now no desire to donate. We have tried prizes in the past that for some worked great, but some disgruntled members wanted to accuses us as being scammers. Thus, we had to stop offering prizes. In the past we have had to run hardware promos when gear is near end of life. That has come back to bite us as well as we're being hammered on needless fundraisers.

Bottom line is without more members stepping up and helping the site cover costs things will be changing. I am getting older each day and I can’t keep filling the void of cash.

Therefore effective Jan 1st 2014 we have begun to seriously consider our options and talking down avenues of resolve.

Thanks to the contributions and countless hours of hard work put in by many, many people, over the past 9yrs Bitsoup has grown and developed into a wonderful sharing community, where aside from lots of torrents, lots of "friendly faces" can be found. Much of this depends on the time and hardworking efforts many people have given Bitsoup, but all of it depends on the donating support that we are given to upkeep it by our members.

Our huge promos in the past years have managed to upkeep us, but as we now run less and smaller promos it seems that the donating support we are receiving has been brought down to those few that support us on a monthly bases. We are gratefully thankful for these supporting members, but even together we are still too few to foot the bill for a long periods of time. 9 years being on the forefront of the torrent world has been highly enjoyable. Our torrent board is booming and our community has grown to be the size of a large city and we are very glad that so many have joined us to be part of the Bitsoup family and we're hoping for a future full sharing to come.

Bitsoup relies on people. It relies on people willing to carry the responsibility for this site. It relies on people willing to put in their time and effort to maintain this site, and it relies on people willing to put in time and effort to share what they have, or what has been brought here by others for them. More than anything though, Bitsoup relies on people that are willing to support us and help us to make sure that all of the mentioned above is and remains possible.

Bitsoup was grown by the support from the members, exists by the support from the members, and it can only continue to exist by the support of the members.

We will be having a open forum for the financial future of Bitsoup in the forums shortly. While everyone is welcome to speak about the life of Bitsoup moving forward, and about its past, I am warning people now that abuse and or attacks towards staff or this site will not be tolerated. While many feel freedom of speech is a self-right, this is still a private site, therefore while we embrace the freedom of speech, attacking Bitsoup will not happen.

Moving forward we will also no longer be doing large cash prices and or large credits amounts, so please take advantage of this one while you can, as it will be the last of this size.

Effective February 1st 2014 Bitsoup will no longer offer Large Credit Promo's.

A newly designed Double Up System & Platinum Club Memberships will be the only options available to rebuild one's ratio aside from seeding. A couple times a year we may offer up a fund raising event that might have a credit promo attached.

We hope the members of Bitsoup understand that without you, Bitsoup will not be here much longer. Another option would be to accept the many many offers from advertising companies to place ads on Bitsoup and force you to read them before accessing site and or other pages. NO AD Blockers won’t work for these type ads. This is something not one of the staff wants to have happen, but we will do whatever is needed to keep the torrents going strong on Bitsoup.