Some confusions and misunderstandings with regards to certain uploading rules were noticed among our members. This prompted a discussion among the staff and after careful and thorough deliberation, we were successful in revising the most important rules (Sections 1 and 2 which cover a majority of uploads).

We are happy to announce the new and improved uploading rules which will enhance the quality of uploads while providing easy understanding to our members, especially our uploaders, who work tirelessly to bring old and new content alike, to GGn. Please give the rules a thorough read at least once and feel free to comment and ask any related question in the discussion thread.

An overhauled Uploading Guide and a number of new wiki articles related to uploading are now available for your reference and can be accessed from the wiki.

• Uploading Guide
• List of Recognized P2P Groups
• Rip Source & Release Type Combinations