As of January 2014, you must be in the VIP class to use your invites. This restriction comes after many months of allowing our users to abuse the system. Plans are to allow all accounts that are flagged as past or present donors to also have free use of their invites. However, for now, only VIP can send them.

- Who gets invites and how many?

Invites can only be obtained through special promotional packages. This means that:

• Members in the Platinum Club get unlimited invites upon request.

• You can also gain invites as part of a special promotional offer to say 'thank you' for your support.

- Do I need to use my invites before getting a new one?

No, the system will add invites to your account automatically where applicable, the maximum amount of invites that any account can have is 10.

- Where do I find my invites?

Beside your name on your status bar you'll find the number of invites that you have. You can also find this in the details of your profile options page.

- How do I use my invites?

Click on the number of invites you have and read carefully.

- Can I lose my invites or account?

Yes! We reserve the right to revoke invites (or even ban) those that are found to invite people that do not upkeep their ratio, cheat or in any other way, or have other intentions other than good sharing practices. If you are found to have invited yourself, you will loose all account and receive a life ban for your efforts!

- My invite code won't work!

The most common reason for this error is members try to send and receive an invite from the same system. You can not send an invite and then receive that same invite from the same system. Whoever invites you must send it from another location.