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Various - Defected Presents The Opening Party Ibiza 2013

A slice of summer to warm your cockles.

DoHm - The Past

Hard forest stuff for true believers. Get yourself so high with this shit.

Tim Hecker - Virgins

This is music that benefits from being heard loud and/or on headphones in the same way couches are best experienced by actually sitting down in them instead of just brushing your fingers against the upholstery as you leave the room. This is one of my favourite albums of 2013.

Celer - Voyeur

As usual with Celer's music, its strength lies when it takes you to a place somewhere deep in the back of your mind. These pieces seem to be more minimal than some of Celer's other work, comprising of single iron-like tones spread across the record. The sense of unease would be perfect for the kind of tension created in the film. The sense of something very, very wrong beneath the surface. Although not pretty nor particularly soothing, the record and soundtrack works well as an accompaniment, a slow moving exercise in a distant, faint terror. I have been a fan of Celer for many years now though sometimes it can be a hard listen just sit back and let your mind take you there where ever that is.

Hol Baumann - Human

It was obvious that whatever Hol Baumann finally unleashed with his extremely long awaited 2008 debut album, that it would not disappoint. What wasn't known is exactly what to expect due to his relatively diverse range of previous single releases. What was hoped for was some form of continuation of ethnic influence and deeply strong trip hop beats. One of my all time favourites and still get regular listens enjoy.

Detroit Swindle - Huh, What! EP

Deep House has really gone to shit lately and everything seems to get called it. Thank fuck for guys like Detroit Swindle who make all the fuziness more clear! Without doubt they did one of my favourite tracks of last year "The Break up". They seem to be continuing the trend of quality releases with this latest EP. These guys are keeping it real, simple and straight forward as it was intended.

DJ Rashad - Double Cup

I've been hooked on juke lately and this is full of my current favorites. Actually this is probably what started the love to begin with.

Astral & Shit - Fragment of God

Super atmospheric drone/dark ambient, perfect sounds to explore forgotten asylums and ruined factories.

Above & Beyond - Acoustic

This release showcases that as much as you want to believe that EDM is different than everything else, that great songs are great songs, dance being as intriguing of a creative form as any other genre.