As of January 23, 2014, in principle, only TV rips are allowed (see news item 2014-01-23). There are, however, exceptions. Since we prefer scene rips, and the scene does not seem to rip episodes from TV when a disc has been released, it is allowed to submit a disc rip ONLY for these episodes, and a full season torrent that contains these disc rips.

An example is: Karl Pilkington: The Moaning of Life - Season 1 Complete (720p .mkv) (TV/BluRay)

When submitting such a torrent, please add the correct tags like (TV/BluRay), (TV/BD) or (TV/DVD) after the obligatory tags like .mp4 etc. Select video source DVD or BLURAY (depending on the source of the missing tv-rip(s)).

Contrary to what is stated in the news item dated January 23, 2014, we decided not to delete the non TV rips, but rather nuke them and move them to a newly created show page.