Let's get this episode 13 rocking! We've got another freeleech pick for ya rocketing-in from the AMC Library and it has something to do with the number 13.

13 is unlucky they say? We sure didn't encounter any bad luck (nor did flatman get lucky) with this episode. Here it is in all its glory. I won't bore you with the talking points, just the quick facts and to say thank you to our very first, regular site member, O1dHD joins us even though he's now newly married and going to be an expectant father. O1dHD gets things off his chest about the recent User Classes Change. We loved him!

Awesome-HD, we didn't have a problem.

Awesome Movie Club - A 100% freeleech movie from the AMC Library, AMC runs in conjunction with the biweekly (every 2 weeks or thereabouts) podcast show. Leicdave and Flatman wanted to have freekeech on the movie about the only unsuccessful moon mission, Apollo 13 [1995]. Get the version you want, all 100% freeleech for the next 2 weeks.

And now on to the podcast, enjoy the show!

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