Guess the Place/Building from the image below and earn yourself a nice easy 250 speed coins, which you can then exchange for GBs. There is no 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in this competition all correct entries are winners and will get the coins. The competition will run every 1 week.

Competition Guidelines:

• Have a look at the image below
• All of the pictures represent 1 building or 1 place or both joined(ex. leaning tower in Pisa or Old trafford)
• Send me a message starting with "Guess the Place/Building" = *your Answer*
• Only 1 guess per user
• The image will last for 1 week from the day it is posted
• The Place/Building will be announced on the close date
• All correct answers will be given their 250 coins at the end of 1 week


• Do not share your answer with anybody else
• Do not post your answer in this thread
• Do not ask for the answer from other members
• Just don't cheat in any shape or form

If anybody is found to be cheating I'll just ignore the messages and name and shame any cheaters!