The sole purpose of this thread is to provide an opportunity for new members to get a hand in downloading some of the wonderful (if not diamond-eligible) larger packs we have here on CBT. There are many members who have been here a bit longer who have carats to spare and are more than willing to help out. There has been a degree of confusion in the past, with multiple threads and new people unaware that they even exist, so we are making this the official home for the generous to seek out the worthy in need of some Spiderman 1-700 (or whatever!). Remember, the participation in this thread is entirely voluntary, and it is not intended for people who have downloaded 100 torrents in the past week and are seeding 7 of them. Ask nicely, be appreciative, and be grateful (like I am) that we have such helpful and awesome members here at CBT! (Note: If you are making a request, please include a link to the torrent you are requesting to make it easier on the person filling it.)