Effective Feb 1st 2014 Bitsoup will no longer offer large credit promo's.

A newly designed Double Up System & Platinum Club Memberships will be the only options available to rebuild one's ratio aside from seeding. A couple times a year we may offer up a fund raising event that might have a credit promo attached.

We hope the members of Bitsoup understand that without you, Bitsoup will not be here much longer. Another option would be to accept the many many offers from advertising companies to place ads on Bitsoup and force you to read them before accessing site and or other pages. NO AD Blockers won’t work for these type ads. This is something not one of the staff wants to have happen, but we will do whatever is needed to keep the torrents going strong on Bitsoup.

Final chance to get your ratio set for 2014, and also have a chance to win up to 20TB. If you can, please support Bitsoup for a chance to WIN!