There have been some new improvements made to the tracker that has been rolled out as of this news post, here are a few of them:

Reduced Announce Time

Previously it had been set at 30 Minute intervals, which is a long time, so it's been reduced to 10 Minutes. Which means stats will update more frequently and we'll eventually be able to better track speed averages to apply to a new bonus point system.

Fake HnRs

We believe this issue is going to be resolved with this implementation. We've only done testing with a few torrents in a small test bed, so we are going to be looking for feedback on this issue here in the comments.

In addition, things will get worse before they get better! Expect to see a lot of new HnR's in the next few days, but don't worry about it for at least a week. Stuff that had problems or are now being picked up again because of crash or previous Fake HnR bug may start showing up as HnRs. They should clear themselves up over the next few days so please be patient.


I'm always mentioning this, but we've got a lot of plans in the works. It's a lot of work, some of you have been asking how you can help. Here's the biggest help we need currently, a lot of older torrents are in dire need of seeds since they have been re-uploaded. If you could load a few of these older torrents up and start seeding them it would be great, a lot of users may be just now noticing some of these torrents for the first time and are trying to download them and it's not going so well.