GFT just like most other trackers have countries that are not allowed to signup for new accounts. We often have to defend the ban on signups (today Egypt and Romania is still on banlist for new signups) and I thought I should shed some light over the situation.

Our friends over at PassThePopcorn compiled some stats over their bans and countries and I thought I'd share it with you.

The numbers cover users disabled for example cheating, trading and selling.

Countries with >=30% bad users:
Egypt - 63.7%
Pakistan - 63.5%
Romania - 55.9%
Turkey - 52.4%
Saudi Arabia - 51.5%
Bulgaria - 50%
Ukraine - 40.5%
Slovakia - 40%
Myanmar - 38.9%
Vietnam - 38.8%
Hungary - 37.1%
India - 36.5%
Israel - 33.3%
China - 32.7%
Russia - 32.6%
Portugal - 30%

The numbers on GFT would be higher on some countries and lower on others but but not by far. Trackerwise I'm sure you understand that you reach a point where the work handling this problem by far exceed the gain from allowing a certain country. The numbers above are for PTP but even at GFT, Romania and Egypt are on top of this list. Yes, we do know that not all users are bad from a country where many does a lot of shit but until internet has invented a lie detector this is the way it has to be played. It's not a good way but a way that works for the tracker.