Tracker Update:

A few of you have been wondering when we're going to get rid of that pesky "tracker troubles" notification at the top of the page - the majority of users will be having no troubles at all with the tracker, so it may seem a bit odd...

Ever since the DDOS happened we've been running the tracker through a less powerful server, to take advantage of it's DDOS protection and make sure that no surprise attacks can leave you bereft of TV again; it's this that's made us keep that notification up, mostly because the intermediate server has trouble with the HTTPS tracker a lot of the time. Behind the scenes, we've been working to set up a better solution for the long term, with the aim of getting as close to 100% tracker uptime as we possibly can - Marf's been really excited about the prospect!

Today, I'm pleased to announce that we're beginning the public beta of this system, initially rolling it out to Gurus and above and all donors.

If you're a part of the beta, all new torrents you download will contain an extra tracker, "" - this is a temporary domain that we're using for the beta, so don't be concerned if it changes at some point. For the purposes of the beta, we're not disabling the original tracker for any users, so that in the case of any issues you'll still be able to download to your heart's content.

If you're not a part of the beta, stay tuned - if all goes well, we'll be enabling the beta tracker for *all* users this Monday, for one day only. Cookies go to the first person who figures out why! If you see an extra tracker in your torrents, don't worry - it's just us trying to up our game for you!

Sports Upload Competition:

With the Super Bowl over and the Winter Olympics going on Remy is pumped full of testosterone. We fear that if this issue isn’t taken care of Remy might become a danger to himself and others. It seems the only thing that will calm him down is watching more sports. So we need you to help us out and upload as many sport related shows as you can. Olympic based content calms Remy down the most and because of this uploading said content will gain you extra points. As always the top three uploaders will win prizes as well as two random uploaders.


1) Uploads will only count if they are sport related content (Basketball, NFL, Hockey games and television shows about sports are a few examples.)
2) Only new uploads after the start of this completion will count, anything before the start date will not count and you will be disqualified.
3) Every single upload will gain you 1 point.
4) A series pack of a sports based TV show will yield you 1 point for every episode in the pack.
5) An Olympic based upload will gain you 2x the points. So single torrent uploads will yield you 2 points per upload and if you manage to upload a pack of Olympic based events you will also gain 2x points on those as well, so if you upload a pack that has 13 episodes you will gain 23 points.
6) You must tag contest uploads with ‘sportsc’ if this tag is not on your upload you will not gain a point for it. They will appear in this list if tagged correctly.
7) Portable encodes of existing shows WILL NOT COUNT!
8) Re-encodes / transcodes WILL NOT COUNT
9) You MUST post in our competition thread with the torrents you upload, if you upload more, then edit your post with the updated content.
10) In conjunction with rule number 9 YOU MUST POST with the episode/season (including how many episodes are in a season) name AND supply a link to EACH of your uploads. Keep all entries to one post please! Failure to follow this rule and you won't be counted in the contest.
11) Read our uploading rules and Sports/Racing TV Title Guidelines. If you have any questions then please join #BTN-Support on IRC and ask them.


• 1st place will receive a 30 day SeedMyBox seedbox and all of the following: 3,000,000 BP, a custom title, and 1000 Lumens.
• 2nd place will receive a 30 day SeedMyBox seedbox and 2 of the following: 1,500,000 BP, a custom title or 500 Lumens.
• 3rd place will receive a 30 day SeedMyBox seedbox and 2 of the following: 750,000 BP, a custom title or 250 Lumens.
• Two random winners will receive a custom title or 250,000 BP.

The competition will run from 02/07/2014 - 02/28/2014 and prizes will be delivered within the first week of March.