If you never visit the forums, you're missing out on a lot of fun. You can find out how to solve problems on site, join other trackers, request site features, or participate in contests. We also have areas dedicated to specific themes, such as books and literature, music, movies and television, and games as well as general conversation in the chat category and off-topic silliness in spam.

We'd like to highlight the Projects & Spinoffs section. Here, you can find utilities to make uploading easier, join in memberships on sites like last.fm and Goodreads, or create something new to share with the community. These are just a few of its features, so check out the forum index for more projects.

• "You're music sucks. Listen to mine." This is a music podcast with spaghettiosinthesky and a different guest each week (and yes, the typo is intentional).
• Let's make a cookbook, a project that any bB member can participate in by submitting their favorite recipes.
• SPAMCast, a podcast with 6 episodes (and more to come!).
• Ampersand Stylesheets, a collection of custom baconBits CSS for the site. There is also a general thread in the Contests section.
• Tools are listed in the Knowledge Base, but most have a forum thread for extra support or information. Most of these are user-created to make uploading and generating descriptions even easier.

Looking for other ways to get involved? Why not join IRC? We have a general guide and other client-specific guides listed in the Knowledge Base. If you'd just like to try it out before downloading and configuring a standalone client, we have on-site chat available too. Don't be a stranger; come say hi!