I wanted to take a moment and contact everyone directly to have a quick chat regarding some issues as of late. As many of you know in Jan we moved over to cloud-flare which is a caching site that allows us to hide our real ips from attackers. While most of the site works without any issues sometimes when we have to make live changes to the source code cloud flare does not take the changes sometimes for upwards of 24hrs. This has caused some issues with the Xbox Promo.

On another note during the same time frame some of the staff and myself have had pm's from members who were unaware of the ratio booster promo going as well as the end of large credit promos. Many have asked us to extend it until the end of the month. While we can do that this case we are unable to just extend it due to winners have been already announced. Therefore for the very first time on Bitsoup We have decided to have a second drawing. All members who entered the first drawing who were not a winner are already signed up for the second drawing.

This really is the final stage of large credit promo's. We have a chat open in the forums in relations to the site moving foward. You can find the link to the chat in the relaunched promo or by checking in the forums. Anyone who entered into the Xbox drawing will be entered when its relaunched for March Madness Promo Coming in March. So please get your ratio fix while you still can because I will not be able to relaunch it another time.

Thank you to everyone donor's seeders users everyone for making Bitsoup the best site.