UPDATE 14: We have added a second IP for the tracker - those of you who are having trouble connecting to the current IP starting with 46 should add to your hosts file. The IP is added in round-robin fashion - if you are not having tracker problems, please leave your hosts file alone.

UPDATE 15: The 46 IP for the tracker has been VERY unstable - therefore we have taken it out of the round robin. The 192 IP is now the primary tracker IP. You do not need to put anything into your hosts file, just clear your DNS cache and you should be up and running.

UPDATE 16: The tracker is currently DOWN. We are working to get it back up as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE 17: the DDoSer has managed to take down both of the proxies we have been using for our tracker. This means the tracker will be down shortly as well as mail services. Things that depend on email (invites, password resets, email confirmations, etc.) will not function until further notice. We appreciate your continued patience as we work toward a solution.