Aye guys. Been a while but been very busy lately. Had to move house, inet doesn't really get sorted, anyways. All is getting as it should be and that's important no?

Now I would like to thank everyone involved to help us reach our donation goal for the past few months. You have truelly shown us that all of our efforts are being appreciated. Please and when possibly can, keep doing so. We need those funds to keep things going and to grow even further.

I also wish to thank all those involved uploading content to our site. You guys are amazing. Filling those requests is a banging job. I also see a significant increase and slight popularity in full disks. Thank you all for that.

And last but certainly not least. Our loyal staff. Yes, without you guys this place would've died. Your commetmant is admirable and unlike any other. You are an amazing bunch of gents.

So in light of all those things, let's try and keep this place going as it is and possibly grow even a wee bit more. Let's try and make our name of being the nicest tracker one can be registered at. Also, for those that want to, let's move this to our facebook and twitter pages aswell. Show some love there and who knows, maybe we can hit the 200 likes mark within a very short amount of time.

Thank you all sincerely!