As you all may have noticed, something new has been introduced on MuTracker.


Credits will be the 'currency' of mutracker, and therefore replaces Bonus points, which were useless anyway. There's a new algorithm that's based on 3 things:

• Time seeded
• Number of torrents you're seeding
• Number of seeders a torrent has

To make seeding of torrents with lower number of seeders more interesting, torrents with a higher number of seeders get less credits. As you might have noticed, torrent size and transferred amount isn't incorporated into the algorithm. This makes credits fairer for users.

Simultaneously, we launched the credits store. For now, you can only buy invites, but as you can see custom titles are also in the works. If you have any suggestions for things to sell in the store, let us know!

The idea is to phase out uploaded stats altogether: credits will be used for things such as bounties for requests, and are already used to 'pay' for downloads. 1 credit = 1 snatch, freeleech is exempt from cost of course.

Credits are very new still, and there might be some issues with it. Let us know if something goes wrong or if you have any other suggestions, we appreciate it!