You may have noticed that your high H&R warning count has been reset, or notice the new changes being brought in.

This is an announcement to the changes we are about to make. ANYONE, yes, ANYONE with 5 H&R warnings will now be jailed. We have been very lenient with the current system and have provided you more than enough ways not to even get warnings anymore. you are able to zap, both with BP and GB and we even implemented a Seed time available for you to fully seed any torrents.

With this in mind you should no longer be getting any warnings, and as such the system has now been changed to stop ALL the REAL H&R users, as such, if you reach 5 H&R warnings your account will be jailed without warning, currently we allowed users to have a lot more warnings due to their ratio and because of this change being ours we have given you a chance and reset those warnings to 3 if you had more than 5.

This now gives you 2 months to sort any problems you may have had and seed any torrents to the seed time required and not get any more warnings.

The only users this will affect now are the real abusers of the system and this is where we were heading all along. All we want to catch are the real H&R users and this system will now do this. IF you have 5 warnings after all we have offered to avoid them you will be jailed.