New IRC Server:

A few days ago the owner moved IRC to another server. Much faster server then before. So everyone should be redirected to the new IRC. Here is the new IP: If you can't connect using then try using the IP instead. But, there shouldn't be any problem with you regulars rejoining. If you have znc then you might want to edit your settings. If you cannot join IRC using neither the IP or then I would suggest you reboot your pc. If you are using SSL then try updating your Security Certificate. Once you have done this you should be able to join bitleechers IRC. Hope to see you all back and perhaps some new members joining us.


Well, as you can see we are only at 18% of our goal for Donations to pay the server bills. To be quite honest this is pretty damn bad. We have the same members that keep Donating every month to help out while the other 85% of YOU just download and keep taking. If you want us to stay around for many years to come then we need more Donations to help pay for our servers. We were going to downgrade our servers 2 months ago because of the lack of Donations, but the owner Memati said he wanted to give our members the best he can with fast speeds. So, in return a little support from our members would be much appreciated to help us out. There is only 6 days left until the server bills are due once again. The Holidays have passed and we know this has played a big part in Donations "We get It". But, now it is time to get back on track and continue to bring all of our members the best that we can. Without the little support we have had in the past few months we wouldn't be able to continuously keep updating the Site and IRC. Thanks to all the members who have supported us since the beginning and this month. Please support Bitleechers and make a Contribution.


Memati is working on something for you VIP's so when you Donate you are able to watch full movies online from our site. It will be You will be able to view any format. Since you have read thus far and I now have your attention, All VIP's are welcomed to play the LOTO. Any VIP entering this month could win 1TB of upload credit. There will only be one winner. So, Good Luck to all that participate.


We are still looking for members who like like the opportunity to help out around the Site and IRC. No experience is needed. You will be trained in full. If you are interested in becoming a Moderator then please go here and fill out the application.