During the last attack, due to a human error while upgrading and restoring our servers from backups, we lost a big portion of our torrent files. Although all the database entries are present (and for this reason you can actually see the torrents on site, and the tracker can track them normally), some of the actual torrent files are missing (hence the error 8 you might have seen when you are trying to download some of the older torrents). So we need YOUR help in order to restore this missing torrent files.

We ask every user of TL to make a zip of all their TL torrent files that they are currently seeding, and upload it in a special form we have prepared for this reason. An automated system that we have build, will check if any of the torrents provided are the ones missing, and it will restore them automatically if they do.

Just zip all the torrent files (directly without putting them in a folder) and upload the zip file. You can also upload individual torrent files, instead of a zip file.

We thank you for your cooperation in this difficult moments, and we hope to prove that our community is strong enough to survive any future attack.

The "413 Request Entity Too Large" bug is fixed, please retry!


The help from our users so far was astonishing! Until now we have recovered more than 60% of the missing .torrent files! We did some improvements to the matching algorithm, so even if you uploaded your .torrent files yesterday please do so again today!

Please keep uploading your .torrent files from the TorrentLeech tracker!

Thank you again!