Tracker Name: Bombed-Away
Genre: General
Sign-up link:
Closing date: N/A
Review link: N/A
Additional information: the site is currently open signups, we do not accept donations, the site is funded by the owner himself, the site is hosted on a dedicated server on 100mbps with an auto uploader bot online on the site!!

we're keeping signups for as long as possible but can't promise this at this current time. We're looking for dedicated team members, apply on the site.

come and chill out with the site, we do not have any hit and runs in place, just seed as long as you can.

Our Stats:
Users: 81
torrents: 1927
seeds: 1935
leecher(s): 2
peers: 1937
seeds/leecher(s): 96,750%
Traffic: 362.75 GB