Site Changes and Upgrades

These changes have already been made and in affect. This list isn't exhaustive and is subject to change with or without prior notice. Future changes made that aren't listed here will be announced and the official list amended.

Thank you all for being part of our community and doing all you can to make this the best site it can be.

- on behalf of the Bitsoup Staff -

• Budget Donations are now available
- Donation packaging affordable for all on our Regular Donation Page
- Can be found on the menu bar as well as our Promo Forum
- Contains a manual donation feature to pick your own amount
- Be extremely careful and double check and manual donation amount
- Manual donations do not contain any perks or credits, be sure to read the page

• H&R Policy has change
- Check out the new H&R Policy on our Rules page
- Second and Third warnings contain a downloading rights disabled feature

• Power User requirements have changed
- Please have a look in our FAQ for any changes to our class requirements

• Ratio Requirements have changed
- Check out our Downloading Policy on our Rules page
- Leechblock parameters have also changed (please take note)

March Madness Giveaway:

Join us next month where we'll be giving away a XBOX ONE that was donated to the site from one of our very generous members. We started to run this promo at the beginning of February, but despite the technical issues we were having, decided to postpone the special promotion until March, for our annual March Madness event. All members that participated in this event when it first launched will be automatically entered into the relaunch. We're also excited to announce, that depending on the overall participation we see being received, we're willing to buy another console for an additional winner. Yes! That's correct, 2 winners! You'll more than likely have a chance to win 1 of 2 next gen consoles.