Today we announce the release of a brand new tracker, this tracker is in SSL and completely secure.

Select the option on your profile page as stated, make the changes, and from now on you will only ever download in SSL and be using the secure tracker. After you have made the changes your passkey will automatically change to: on every torrent

So if you are tired of your ISP monitoring you, blocking you from IPT, blocking you from peers, now our HTTPs will allow you to connect anonymously! Using this along side the domain you will be COMPLETELY secure from anyone trying to see what you are doing and completely safe from any repercussions from your ISP. Once you add this to your current profile, all your torrents will go red, update all your seeding torrents using the new passkey to connect all seeding torrents to the SSL tracker.


This is only for IPT VIP members (not for FL Members YET!) this is a Tracker added just for VIP members, this is a reward for all you have done to support this great site, so if you want access to this new item and want to be totally secure, click Donate and you know what to do! Any Torrent downloaded during VIP status will be with SSL tracker and when VIP status expires, normal tracker will be provided. SSL Tracker is only available during your VIP status.


Seems users from internet provider Cox is having connecting problem with our tracker, Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers and reboot your torrent client, you will get connected to our trackers or if you are a VIP, just enable SSL Tracker and it will work.