It was close but we made it thanks to all our wonderful users. The winners in our Donor Lottery has been posted on the front page, they have also been contacted in PM.

The popularity of the lottery has made it a permanent feature on TTi. Every month, anyone that donates at least $5 USD can win 4 weeks of Freeleech and a 4 week ViP account. Two more will win either 1 or 2 weeks worth of Freeleech, three winners every month.

Please note - Paypal is the preferred way of payment as SMS/Text donations will be eaten alive by the serviceprovider. We only get ~30% of an SMS/Text.

The ISP bill is a monthly cost we have, i.e. we need a steady flow in donations in order to keep Ti alive. Without you, this is impossible. All amounts count! No matter how big or small, even if it's just 1 dollar! Once again! Thanks to all donors in February, your help to us was priceless!