Following the proud traditions of Hollywood (certainly the commercial summit of modern filmmaking), it's time once again to sit and watch the Oscars. Let's not merely discuss them this year - but make a little game of it.

Let's try to predict the Popular (non-technical) Oscar Award Winners this year made - particularly the ones that include films widely circulated among the viewing public (so lose categories like Live Action Short Film - since we're not sure how many TS members have seen them).

Whoever correctly guesses the MOST award winners wins a prize, with second and third prizes for runner-ups.


1st Place ~ 5GB 10GB ratio

2nd Place ~ 3GB 5GB ratio

3rd Place ~ 2GB 3GB ratio


1GB For Every Correctly Predicted Winner (there are 24 categories)


Everyone gets 1GB for entering.

If you run the table, that's 35GB of UL Credit. You can also talk generally about the Oscars by visiting on IRC to chat about the Oscars in real time.

The rules are simple:

1. Pick as many Oscar categories as you want and choose the winners.

2. Since the Oscars are on March 2, the entry window will close as soon as the broadcast starts.

3. That's all there is too it. Just pick the winners and post in this thread.

The complete list of 2014 nominees is available at the provided link and a detailed look at each film can be found at (where else?) the English Wikipedia. Event results should be announced some time during the week to follow. With all the red tape out of the way, let's pick the winners.