It's been a long winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and those of us living where it snows are ready to get out of town and go someplace warm. So we are having a contest to get us all motivated. This month our focus is on Travel. All eligible uploads will be files that relate to travel or traveling. This includes travel related e-books (including destination guides), travel magazines (Both issues and packs), Travel related Journals (if there is such a thing) etc. We don't anticipate Newspapers or Manuals being applicable to this contest, but if you think you have something, please send a staff PM.

The competition begins on March 1st and will end on March 31st. The winners will be announced in early April. All uploads for the contest will be freeleech for 24 hours following their upload!

How it works:

Any torrent uploaded in the month of March that meets the criteria is automatically counted toward the contest. The points will depend on the type of content:


Magazine - 5 points
Journal - 3 points
Ebook - 1 point
Retail torrents will be subject to a x1.5 multiplier
Magazine and Newspaper packs will be worth points * number of files

Points will be calculated automatically, but there is one thing you need to do: in order for your upload to be counted, it must contain the tag "travel"! All points will be tracked on the Leaderboard which can be seen on the right side of the front page.


What kind of competition would this be without prizes?

1. VIP, 20GB upload, and freeleech on a torrent of your choice (must be below 1GB).
2. Custom title, 15GB upload, 2 invites, and freeleech on a torrent of your choice (must be below 1GB).
3. Custom title, 10GB upload, 1 invite
4. 10GB upload
5. 5GB upload

All users in the top 5 will also receive 5 FL tokens. One random person will win a free custom title. Good luck!