• Master Chef Obuibo continues great work cleaning up our torrents. Call him an ice-sculptor, call him a unicorn of joy, his work is greatly appreciated.

• We have a lively discussion about the Forum names happening here. Have you posted? Your opinion counts too. We're always grateful for all ideas, suggestions received.

We're happy to see the arrival of a few requested features:

• Post bump

Now when posting in a thread where you were the last poster, you'll find a bump check-box to the right of subscribe. The new post will still merge with the previous post but with this box checked the date will update on the forums page to display that there is new content.

• A handful of new formats

CBR/CBZ have been added to the book formats to help with comic/graphic novel uploads, and AZW3 (Amazon's shiny new and improved format for Kindle books) has been added too.

• Embeddable YouTube video.

You can now use the YouTube BBCode, to embed video from YouTube. Obviously this can be used in our forums, but it can also be used on your profile page and, if appropriate, in torrent descriptions too. Your choice of deli.sh stylesheet may affect the formatting, unfortunately there's no easy fix for that, but it's a small price right?

• Behold the Cooking Music thread has leapt into life!