Mail services for password resets, account recovery, and invites are now operational. Please send a Staff PM to Moderator+ if emails are not going through after waiting at least an hour.

We had a small amount of tracker uptime earlier today which was instructional with regards to a new setup we are testing. Please know we appreciate your continued patience while we work out some bugs.

We are testing some new infrastructure using our on-site teams. You may see seeders listed for some torrents as we test - please know that we are working to get this to everyone and the classes simply give us a good way to work out the bugs before the main flood of the whole site hits the tracker. Those teams have been instructed not to share the testing IPs, so please don't PM them.

We have expanded our testing to include some larger seeders in order to increase load gradually. We hope to have the tracker available to all some time today. Tracker DNS has been updated but announce rates will be throttled. Please keep your client open as we will slowly ramp up capacity.

Running into some hang-ups with the initial testing that we are working to correct. We appreciate your patience.

Unthrottled the tracker a bit more, we are now accepting around 25% of announces. Will update when that number goes up again after we test some more.