After listening to feedback from our users we are excited to announce the introduction of non-scene content to the site, this is available in a separate section, right next to the regular browse section, just click the non-scene tab to access it.

Non-scene releases are separate from our normal browse section, so it means that you can use the new section or not (similar to what we have done with adult content - xxx section).

We have already made arrangements with a number of groups who will be honoring us with fresh releases so that our new section will be filled with more content daily, more groups will follow in the coming weeks.

We hope that you're just as stoked as we are - times change and so do we. Time to evolve to the next level.

If you're a member of a Non-Scene release group and would like to join us on this journey, please contact lily for more information on how to join the ranks of our uploaders to be able to share your releases.