Over the next coming weeks the staff at beyondhd will be running some test on bit torrent clients to see what ones report the correct data to our tracker. The reason for this is i have received a number of PMs regarding stats not correct or not updating correctly. We will be black list clients making them not able to be used on beyondhd but you will be given a set period of time to update your client and any torrent files that need to be hash checked / changed etc. We will keep you well informed.

A few other issue i would like to address is private torrents, if you are uploading to beyondhd it is very important that you make your torrents private, we are a private torrent site not having the torrents made private means that others can use the torrent files "Private. Only you and the people you send the torrent to know about your torrent.". a scan will begin running each once a week any torrent found not private will be deleted.

Which brings me to DHT and PEX below is a easy to follow diagram explaining what DHT and PEX is and how to disable it. please read it and follow it because if you didn't know what it was more than likely you have it enabled.