After a management group to discuss resolution: Our goal is to build a non-profit HD PT station, given the current developments and needs, beAst team is now pressing for membership recruitment group (re-encoding group) staff of three to five people to complement us piece needs. hisido said: As long as you play on the computer software can learn to suppress, not difficult to get started, mainly adhere easy! I hope members will support our work, as we have done and we are free to pay, and if everyone can do a little something, this station will be a bright future.
Recoding technical guidance has hisido (Hesse and more), th71 (Wo father), Shrimp (shrimp), Linyb8399 (Daewoo), profhuang (Professor Huang) so cattle,
a one-month investigation, will stay qualified to enter the formal suppression group (RE-Encode Group), South Guo we will be identified.
Recruitment is conditional:
First, you must have a love for our team members;
Secondly, the hardware configuration for the Intel quad-core eight threads, upload bandwidth basic with 200kb / s or more;
repeated, with certain technical basis;
fourth point , joined the initial group will have one month mission to suppress the amount of more than three re-encoding works;
last point; must be a tutorial does not leak!
There is love and they can look forward to paying members can participate in our work...Thank you!