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    [Sports] XtremeWrestlingTorrents (XWT)

    Tracker Name: XtremeWrestlingTorrents (XWT)
    Tracker URL: http://xtremewrestlingtorrents.net/
    Tracker Genre: Sports
    Tracker Type: Ratio Based
    Registration: Closed (Invite Only)
    Tracker Statistics
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    Torrents Freeleech
    Member Classes
    Invite System
    IRC Details


    Introduction: This is great sight for anyone who likes pro wrestling in all it's forms or for MMA (although I'm sure there's better sites for that). XWT have alot of the packs are amazing and Free Leech as well. I can't comment on the forums as don't go on them too much although the people in the comments section are friendly. Speeds are normally pretty good for new content, older ones can take quite a bit. I found it very easy to get a good ratio on this site as I grabbed one of the larger packs and seeded it about 3 times over. They have some great site dedicated uploaders who never miss a beat (Sir Paul's HD MMA PPV's are the best imo) What I love about this sight is the depth in Indie/Japanese wrestling as they have quite a nice collection of the lesser known companies out there.


    Tracker Statistics:

    Torrents Categories:

    Torrents Browse Page:

    Torrents Freeleech:



    Member Classes:

    Invite System:

    IRC Details:

    Server -
    Port -
    SSL port -
    Channel(s) -


    Content: 5/5 - There is every wrestling & MMA events i could ever dream of
    Speed: 4/5 - I always reach my top speed when i download ppvs & weekly's of the site
    Community: 3/4 - The forum is pretty dead. It used to be popular a couple years ago but not so much now.
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