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    [HD] HD-Spain (HDS)

    Tracker Name: HD-Spain (HDS)
    Tracker URL: https://www.hd-spain.com
    Tracker Genre: HD
    Tracker Type: Ratio Based
    Registration: Closed (Invite Only)

    Tracker Statistics
    Torrents Categories
    Torrents Browse Page
    Torrents Freeleech
    Bonus System
    Invite System
    Member Classes
    IRC Details

    Introduction: This tracker has been around for 6 years now, and it is one of the biggest HD Spanish movie trackers out there. It is very easy to keep a good ratio (more than 0.5) so it shouldn't be too hard to survive on the tracker. The browsing is smooth, and the tracker is always online (in the years I have been around I have never seen them offline). Most of the torrents are well seeded and their forums are very active. The mods are friendly and helpful It is really difficult to get an invite (more or less like CHDBits). If you're an HD Lover, you MUST have this tracker. Especially if you're european, you can find all you need. Pratically almost every torrents has more than a language, like French, Italian, German and other european ones, the archive of the Full Blu-Ray is really awesome. Another thing, you can't upload one stuff of HD-Spain on other trackers, HD-Spain has a own relase group, GrupoHDS, this tracker is extremely strict in this, therefore there's much stuff exclusive.


    Tracker Statistics:

    Stats Date Saturday April 25, 2014
    Users 22.981 (counting the banned users)
    Active Users 7.565
    Torrents 19.031
    Active Torrents 11.643
    Inactive Torrents 7.388
    Seeds 146.391
    Leechers 2.576

    Torrents Categories:

    Torrents Browse Page:

    Torrents Freeleech:

    They give freeleech from time to time to celebrate some events (Christmas, holidays, their birthday...)
    Torrents in freeleech will appear in green.



    Bonus System:

    The BxC (Bonus Share), is an extra Gb translated into actual rise obtained by seed kept in the torrent tracker, is to keep your assets and sharing torrents.

    The objective to be achieved with these Bonus is twofold:
    • Helping users who own lines with a very poor rise, but still do everything they can to share.
    • Promote longevity of the torrent tracker, preventing spoil all the work done by uploades within weeks.

    The bonus is automatically redeemed, as they are getting, in MB that accumulate directly as real user uploaded. It can get up to 8Gb a week.

    You can see the MB that you go in the bar getting both overall and in the My Account section of the tracker:

    The criteria used when allocating Bonus, from highest to lowest importance are:
    • Age of torrents (torrent maximum 10 months up to 70 months overall).
    • Quantity of torrent seed (a lower number of seeds plus is scored).
    • Number of shares on the tracker Gb (up to 70GB).
    • Torrents assets.

    As I said, this is for showing interest in sharing therefore put the torrents to get Bonus but limit upload speeds to be penalized 1KB/so similar things the same proportion.

    We hope that this measure allows us to enjoy longer all the great work that is done in the tracker and make it more comfortable existence in the same disadvantaged users.


    Invite System

    • Invitations will be distributed based on the general behavior of each user in this community. It takes into account more aspects that range or ratio, for example antiquity. We will not get to shell the exact details used to map invitations since raised these as recognition of your contribution to the community but do not want to set yourself to take action only to receive invitations. The behavior should be evaluated, "attempting to contribute my bit to the community, in the broadest sense, for the good of the community will be my own good" and not "am going to make this, whenever I come, to receive something in return."

    • Distributions of invitations will be made periodically. Initially established a quarterly period, the invitations will be distributed to coincide with the start of each quarter (January, April, July, October). This schedule is subject to change depending on how the deals go, in which case it would be reported in this thread.

    • In each deal is made, the maximum number of invitations will be achievable for each range, 3 to FullHD, 2 for 1 for SD and HDTV. This does not mean that is distributed to all, or in such quantities is the maximum achievable, it must meet the other requirements to get invitations.

    • Invitations will be accumulated to a maximum of 3, that is if you have not reciprocated the invitation and builds you use the/as you apply on the next deal.

    • Whom no invitations have been assigned because a deal is not meet the requirements, may be one, several or all.

    • Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to ask Staff invitations. If you have not been awarded any in the last deal, or need more of which I have touched, you will have to wait for the next deal. The request for invitations Staff members could result in sanctions.
    * They dont say previously when they are going to open or close the invite system

    * Some openings for example were 10-15-2012 for the whole day, 09-28-2012 only a few hours on the morning, on 09-10-2012 for a few hours

    Member Classes:

    IRC Details:

    Server irc-hispano.org
    Port 6667
    SSL port -
    Channel(s) #hd-spain


    Donations Closed: Covered server maintenance HD-Spain

    Thank you very much for your interest in collaborating server maintenance HD-Spain

    As we have been reporting in Hd-Spain HAVE NO PROFIT and consequently does not accept donations above the cost of server maintenance and web tracker.

    We have already obtained 100% of the payment server to date, so we have proceeded to the temporary closure of donations.

    When the quota is depleted maintenance will be reopened donations, so if you want to collaborate on it will do when it reopened.

    Thank you very much everyone for your help and for helping us keep this community.


    Content: 9/10 It has a huge collection HD rips and full blu-ray titles. Every rip has their original language and spanish, Only Castilian Spanish (the one spoken in Spain) NOT "Latino".

    Community: 9/10 The forum is very active, they help you whenever they can. They dont have RSS so people tend to go to the forums often. They write in Spanish and don't have an English forum.

    Speed: 10/10 I have almost always achieved my maximum bandwidth speed.
    Last edited by Max_Power; 25-04-2014 at 12:32 PM.

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    Amazing tracker Thank you Max_Power )
    Together we will change the world of private torrent trackers, just like we did in the past. I'm torrenting since 2010, and I will stop when I die.

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    Some info:
    ¿Is open or closed invite sistem? follow this link hd-spain.com/registrarse.php
    Tracker birthday 9th July 2.008

    Good rewiew and I love this tracker.
    Last edited by Max_Power; 31-03-2014 at 07:02 PM.

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    sorry mate,but the invite system is closed

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    Invite system is open random time and only few hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cha0s View Post
    sorry mate,but the invite system is closed
    I am member, I know this.

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