As of now, site scraping will no longer be tolerated. This needlessly burdens our website and offers no benefits at all other than being a few seconds faster in the whoring race. Anyone found doing this will be banned.

Just to clarify, as there appears to be some confusion as to what site scraping is. It's the automated extraction of information (usually, new torrents) using methods other than RSS or the API. Pressing F5 does not qualify, not do you have to worry about what your torrent client is doing (unless you are using a scraping plugin for that client).

We have perfectly good ways for auto-downloading your movies and weekly shows, such as RSS and the API. Note that even when using the API or RSS there's still no good reason to hammer it.

Secondly, we want to remind you that you need permission from the original uploader if you want to upload a HDBits torrent somewhere else. This message is mostly aimed at people more or less auto-uploading HDBits content to other sites. Anyone found doing this will be banned. This includes but is not limited to people running a janhouse script.