30.03.14 If you have error "torrent is not valid bencoding" download torrent from different domain.

12.02.2014 We implemented new feature showing current state of your torrents activity (Seeding, Leeching, Downloaded but not active and Not downloaded) at the Torrents page. You will see it before torrent name. For more info and your thoughts about it visit this link.

07.01.14 Guess how many users will get disabled 1Q14 here

22.12.2013: Important: recently we encountered quite a few attempts (dictionary attacks) to break the users passwords, some of them successful. We would advise everybody to change their password and to use strong ones (including special characters, numbers and letters). In case you see unknown torrents in your history, we recommend you also to change your PID (in this case you need to change the announce URL in all active torrents, if you don't know how, ask in the forums). If you have problems logging in your account, come to IRC) or write to [email protected]