Donations and Paypal

As some of you will have noticed over the past few days it is no longer possible to donate to the site server fund using PayPal. In the spirit of always keeping our little community fully informed we felt it only right to let you know why this is.

In short PayPal has stolen all of our money. They have frozen our accounts definitively because we have apparantly violated the PayPal user agreement 'due to the nature of our enterprise'. We have tried to contact them repeatedly over the past few days in order to resolve the situation, but they are not budging and will only reply with generic messages saying that the decision is irreversible.

This as you can imagine is catastrophic in the extreme. The future of the site is literally hanging in the balance, especially as due to the recent generosity of our VIP members we have invested in extending our range of servers and DDoS protection which need to be paid on a monthly basis.

PayPal do state that they may release the funds at some point after a 180 day investigation period (i.e. when they have made a fat amount of interest and pocketed it themselves), but that does not help us in the short term.

Although we are of course researching other ways to enable people to donate simply and safely, it is currently only possible to donate using BitCoin and LiteCoin. We appreciate that this method will require a little more effort on the part of our members and we apologise in advance for this inconvenience. As soon as we have found a viable alternative to PayPal we will let you know.

In order to donate using either BitCoin or LiteCoin you will first need to create a virtual wallet and then buy the coins to put in it. Once this has been set up it is then a simple matter to then transfer funds to our BitCoin or LiteCoin addresses.
Although there is a small amount of setting up to do initially, this method is actually a far safer way to tranfer your funds online - our research has unearthed many many unsavoury facts about PayPal . They are nothing short of crooks and have done this to many other sites across the net.

We have added a simple tutorial to guide members wishing to donate through the process of setting up and using a virtual wallet. Tutorials can be found in the 'help' drop down menu. The same information has also been posted in the forums with a link in the FAQ "how can I donate".

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support. We will do everything in our power to ensure that the site can continue to operate in the face of this outrageous theft, even if this means staff digging deep in their own pockets (as we have done on numerous occasions in the past).

TVC Staff